Melbourne Antiques Fair 2016 announced

Following the success of the inaugural Melbourne Antiques and Vintage Fair, the promoters have announced that there will be a Fair in 2016.

The second annual event is planned for July 2016.

Watch this space for details!

Roundabout Antiques invite you to jump aboard!

Moorcroft Hazeldene bowl. Shape: Pompeii Shape 333 Full William Moorcroft signature. Cobridge Factory Mark c.1914-1916


It’s all go at Roundabout Antiques, where father-and-son team Michael Neilsen and Robert Neilsen have assembled an impressive collection of exquisite ceramics to exhibit at the inaugural Melbourne Antiques and Vintage Fair. The Neilsens specialise in English ceramics and are well known for their expertise in Royal Doulton and Moorcroft issues.

Pair of Doulton Lambeth stoneware pâte-sur-pâte bulbous quail and daisy vases with applied tetrahedrons and foliage, by Florence Barlow and Bertha Evans (signed to base of vases) c.1887

Moorcroft Banded Pomegranate bulbous vase c.1918-1926

Among their special items that will be available at St Kilda if not sold beforehand are some fully signed William Moorcroft pieces, like this quintessentially Moorcroft Banded Pomegranate bulbous vase, a Hazeldene bowl in the Pompeii Shape 333 and a stunning Flambé Leaves and Berries bulbous vase.


Large and imposing Doulton Lambeth stoneware bulbous vase with applied baguette beads and foliage, by George Tinworth (signed to lower part of vase) c.1878

They will also be bringing some exceptionally rare figurines including pieces by Leslie Harradine, and an impressive array of Royal Doulton pottery, including this Large and imposing Doulton Lambeth stoneware bulbous vase with applied baguette beads and foliage by George Tinworth.


You are cordially invited to drop by Stand 25 for a closer view of these and many other fine items.

Pastimes Antiques exhibit an enviable array of superb pieces

Pastimes glass paperweight collection on exhibit at the Newcastle Antiques & Collectables Fair, August 2014



[001] Herend small handpainted lidded bowl  (20th century)
Herend small handpainted lidded bowl (20th century)
We are thrilled to have Bill and Barbara Newman of Pastimes Antiques exhibiting with us at the Melbourne Antiques and Vintage Fair. Barbara and Bill are respected and longstanding dealers on the Sydney scene, with a reputation for ‘knowing their stuff’ (this is a rave in the antiques world), and with a recognised expertise in glass paperweights.


[007] Salvador Ysart inkbottle with paperwight base (c.1929)
Salvador Ysart inkbottle with paperwight base (c.1929)
[003] Silver plated tea kettle (c.1890)
Silver-plated tea kettle (c.1890)

Among the beautiful items that Pastimes will have for sale at Melbourne if not sold before will be a lovely 19th Century silver-plated tea kettle,






[004] Loetz iridescent vase (c.1905)
Double-handled Loetz iridescent vase (c.1905)


a Loetz iridescent glass vase, a marvellous Art Deco era Japanese cloisonné vase, and a pair of wine bottles with decorations by Salvador Dali, as well as an astounding display of glass paperweights.

[006] Salvador Dali decanters for Rosso Antico (1970)
Salvador Dali decanters for Rosso Antico (1970)




Drop by Stand No. 24 for a closer look at all the wonderful items the Newmans have on offer!


[002] Japanese cloisonne vase (1930's)
Japanese cloisonne vase (1930s)

Countdown to the Melbourne Antiques & Vintage Fair 2015 Begins!

It’s coming!
Thursday 26th February
Sunday 1st March 2015

Australia’s newest premier antiques event:
The Melbourne
Antiques and Vintage Fair


29 Top Dealers from across Australia

in the beautiful and historic

St Kilda City Hall1

St Kilda Town Hall


Bona Fide antiques.

Genuine vintage.

Dealers have agreed to accurate labelling and no reproductions.

No items manufactured after 1985.

Items such as you’ve seen on The Antiques Roadshow: Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian antiques. Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of the type that can be seen in museums, and also a large selection for the family collector and the Retro and Vintage folks!

Retro, Vintage and Kitsch. A selection of boy’s toys and weaponry. Jewellery, furniture, ceramics, china, antique prints, vintage clothing, kitchenalia and kitsch.

Truly a fair collectors shouldn’t miss!

The Melbourne antiques fair no collector should miss!